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Acer tegmentosum Golden Essence, 20 times the efficacy of Oriental raisin tree
The name comes from the branch shape of Acer tegmentosum which is similar to that of a honeycomb. It is also called Striped Maple or Goosefoot Maple. Acer tegmentosum is 20 times more effective than the Oriental raisin tree. Acer tegmentosum Golden Essence of Young Farmers is made by adding more Striped Maple and Oriental raisin tree. It has a mild taste and almost no side effects, so anyone can enjoy it.

Specification / Capacity

100ml / 30 pouches

Country of origin / Ingredient

Multi-plant Extracts [3% or more solid content, Korea: Acer tegmentosum, Alder, Oriental raisin tree, Licorice, Acanthopanax sessiliflorus Seemen, Adulterated honey; Thailand: Raw sugar (100% Sugar cane), Purified water] 98.1%

Product type

Liquid Tea