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Achyranthes Japonica Essence, core raw material grown by Young Farmers
Young Farmers carefully produce Achyranthes Japonica Essence by adding flavor with quince and raw sugar as well as Achyranthes, Eucommia, and Acanthopanax, which are calcium-rich food. So you can enjoy without any bitter taste. The face of Young Farmers is Achyranthes, a key raw material for Achyranthes Japonica Essence grown and processed directly in Jecheon, the city of natural healing and the best place for cultivating wild plants. Achyranthes is also called Bull’s Knee because the shape of the node on the plant stem resembles that of a bull’s knee.
Specification / Capacity
100ml / 30 pouches
Country of origin / Ingredient
Korea: Achyranthes 30%, roasted Eucommia 25%, quince 15%, Acanthopanax 25%, licorice 3%; Thailand: Raw sugar 2% (100% Sugar cane)

Product type

Liquid Tea