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Black Herbal Juice made with 9 kinds of healthy medicinal herbs
Young Farmers bring healthy Black Herbal Juice containing a total of 9 domestic raw materials (except cinnamon from Vietnam, which cannot be grown in Korea), such as Rehmannia glutinosa, White woodland peony, Milk vetch root, Korean angelica, Cnidium, Date, Ginger, Licorice, and Cinnamon. Traditionally, Jecheon, the home of oriental medicinal herbs as well as clean area, has been one of the three major medicinal herb markets and it boasts superior efficacy of herbal medicinal plants than any other region.

Specification / Capacity

100ml / 30 pouches

Country of origin / Ingredient

Korea: Rehmannia glutinosa 5%, White woodland peony 5%, Milk vetch root 5%, Korean angelica 6%, Cnidium 5%, Date 10%, Ginger 5%, Licorice 5%, Purified water 48%; Vietnam: Cinnamon 6%

Product type

Liquid Tea