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ORN LIFE’s Home Brewing Kit
The Home Brewing Kit is produced to brew the unique, deep taste of high quality of raw materials by exclusively selecting top-grade ingredients in Jecheon, a city of oriental medicine. Available Home Brewing Kits are Milk vetch root, Korean angelica, Lespedeza cuneata G. Don, Chrysanthemum, Date, Calamansi, Oriental raisin tree, Green tea, Fingerroot, Dried orange peel, Achyranthes Japonica, Mulberry, Acanthopanax, Quince, and Ginger. The Home Brewing Kit satisfies both quality and convenience by making it easy and convenient to brew and enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage at home.
Specification / Capacity

Country of origin / Ingredient

Raw materials 100%, Korea: Medicinal herbs 100%; Vietnam: Calamansi, Fingerroot; Thailand: Raw sugar (100% Sugar cane)

Product type

Ingredient for Brewing